¿ FLAMENCO ? Show-conference

To discover the art of Flamenco through pictures, music and dance.

Available in French, English or Spanish.

Specially adapted for all ages from Middle School to University, this conference is also open to the public. It can be organized independently or as part of a show or festival. It can also be followed by a debate.


A multimedia artist, Myriam Rambach, a conference speaker, Anne-Marie Virelizier and a choreographer, Cécile Apsâra, join together in the mysterious story of this art: Flamenco. The voice-over commentary, the projected images and the music alternate with or combine with the dancer’s movements. The objective is to give a complete picture of what is Flamenco using different types of media to help break the myths that shroud it.
Video clip 4mn

Video presentation 12mn

Choreographer : Cécile Apsara

Text: Anne-Marie Virelizier

Multimedia Design : Myriam Rambach

Costumes: Stéphanie Coudert

Graphic design: Fatima Rojas

Thank you to René Robert for his photos.
Length: 1 hour
Flamenco opens the debate about this dance with the possibility of the presence of Anne-Marie Virelizier to lead the discussion:

Questions / answers about the conference / dance

The birth of Flamenco put into its social and historical context

The different types of Flamenco – today and in the future
Some references :

Creation 5 november 2005 at Maison du Champs de Mars, Rennes with Cinémathèque de la Danse and Musique et Danse en Bretagne.
Lycée Jean Guéhenno at Théâtre Victor-Hugo – Centre Culturel Juliette Drouet, Fougères (35), 2005 – Babel Danse, MJC du Plateau, St Brieuc (22), 2006 –
La Chambre aux Loups, Iffendic (35), 2009 – Triangle, Rennes (35), 2007 – Festival Flamenco of Esch with the Circulo Cultural Español Antonio Machado at Kultur Fabrik at Luxembourg –
ADDM 53, Laval, 2009 – Journeys of Europe, Maison Internationale de Rennes (35), 2010, Association Dihun, Plozévet (29), 2010 – Ateliers d’Ethnomusicologie, Genève (CH) 2011 -Theater of Reine Blanche, Paris (75), 2011 – INSA, Rennes (35), may 2011 – SPECTACULAIRES, Rennes (35), march 2012 – Collège Albert Camus, La Ferté-Allais (91), february 2013 – Meeting Albi Flamenca-Flamenco for every one-Théâtre des Lices à Albi (81) , april 2014 – 37th World Dance Research Congress CID (UNESCO), Athens, Greece, july 2014 – Les Champs-Libres, Rennes,(35), february 2015 – Centre Culturel Jean Rochefort, Saint Lunaire (35), may 2018.

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